About us

Carpathian Ski Club is an non-profit, non-governmental organization that brings together amateur and professional skiers and snowboarders. Carpathian Ski Club was founded in Ukraine (in Lviv) in 1924 as a sport and cultural association. At the time of establishment it was called in Ukrainian "Karpatskyj Leschatarskyj Klub" (KLK). The purpose of KLK has been nurturing social life among the members of the club, as well as dissemination Skiing and other sports among the population of the Carpathian Mountains.

At present day the main activities of the club are to organize sports and educational events among young people, involving different social groups to an active, healthy lifestyle, to promote environmentally friendly outlook, to preserve the ecosystems of the Carpathian and other natural resources.

Off the Piste the Club organizes hiking and cycling trips, tours, roundtables, conferences, competitions, sports training, camps. The Club's annual Ski Races in Carpathian is one of the most important fixtures in the calendar and is a major event.

In modern terms, along with the traditional activities the club members actively exploring new types of outdoor activities such as snowboarding, windsurfing, kiting, wakeboarding, mountain biking.